Following are Sezen Aksu’s responses to an interview with Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper.

28 March 2010

Basically, creativity is a gift given with human existence...

Your words are exciting and thought-provoking, but also agile. How can you bring all these features together?

It is true that those who have professionalism along with technical experience use this method from time to time. But, basically, creativity is a gift given with human existence...

So, I prefer the moment that the song or the music comes spontaneously, unless I have to. And, even people who do not know about music feel the absolute difference between these two.

Is that ability coming from your childhood?

Ever since I could remember, I sang and I started to compose when I was 16. In those days, anyway, it came almost automatically. So, if you asked me this question back in those days, I would have had no answer.

What kind of method or process do you use while writing?

As I said above, I do not rely on a methodical process unless I have to. But, I learned in time that you can go to a certain extent with a raw talent, and partly due to my own personal desire and curiosity to learn, I had the chance to develop the ability I believe was entrusted to me. 

Nevertheless, in my professional life, in the compulsion that makes me sing, based on what I know and my experience, there were times that I used more technical forms and formats called a song form. Some were kept, but I am not very fond of any of them.

How do the passing years affect your art?

Pop music is not art, I think. It engorges itself with the dynamics of everyday life. At most, we can evaluate it in the popular arts.
How the experience contributes to everyone's job, it has contributed to mine -more or less- likewise, I suppose.

You supported many well-known artists in the past and you continue to do so. What is your approach to this? 

Life is such an evolving and advancing thing, it is something about understanding... For this, I think it is enough to try to imitate nature ... You are as meaningful as you can be, in harmony within the whole. If you have expectations of privilege or superiority from this, it is something like playing with the balance of nature. Life does not flow back to yesterday. When you really understand this, you can enjoy the unique taste of being one of those who provide added value tomorrow. Competition can fight with this taste.

You continue to have a restrained relationship with the media. You also lash out on some specific issues that affect the public. What matters are at the forefront in Turkey for you currently?

My reason to continue a restrained relationship with the media is very simple. Especially in the popular arena, any communications relationship is something like a duel for me. The sides are not able to be completely true. The priority of the party who wants to report news is the charm of news while the priority of the other party who wants to be in the news is to raise their value a little more without suffering any damage. Thus, putting their guard up against each other, the two parties have to spend a tremendous amount of energy to work on it, to play the right cards. It might work as well. But, I believe that the power of a sincere song and emotions is dramatically effective, beyond comparison. That's why I personally avoid spending that energy in that way- exceptions don't break the rule of course. As much as you polish yourself, every heart feels the truth. Or, as much as you brighten up the news, passing through the filter of each conscience, the glitter wears off.

As for your question, what really matters to me is value creation. If I achieve that, I see no harm in saying whatever I feel.
Not only in Turkey, but all over the world, while advocating for or against an idea, from personal relationships to relations between countries, everyone makes statements through the same beautiful words, concepts and values. But, if we take a look into the world in practice, it is a real fireplace. In short, I have a good mind to say, "Let any one of you who is without sin throw the first stone", just as Jesus said to them.

During this recent period when relations between Turkey and Europe are increasingly developing, what kind of responsibilities do artists from Turkey shoulder?

If you excuse me, I would like to interpret this as, "What task falls to the people who feel responsibility?" Because, no matter what the profession is, those who feel this responsibility in their gut really look for the answer to this question.

I think the main issue begins when you walk in other people's shoes: Trying to understand, being able to deliver his rights... What I mean by ‘right’ is the right to exist that everyone and everything has, such as every human being who is disabled, healthy, young, old, men and women; all animals, rocks, soil, trees, water, i.e. nature; all emotions, ideas and thoughts. I know this is very difficult. It means facing the truth. I think the most important thing those who feel this responsibility need is courage.