“A huge life is the best”…

November 2008
You can read the foreword that Sezen Aksu wrote for the book "Everyone is Born Free - Illustrated Edition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" that was prepared for children and published in November 2008.

Dear Children,
Do you know how lucky you are? Despite your small body, you were born with a power that can change and accomplish everything.

There are those of you who may say, "I'm just a kid". However, you have the power inside of you to change everything, as long as you believe that.

If people only knew the beauty and the power of being a child when they were kids. You probably do not realize it, but the most precious period of human life is the childhood years. Be careful of trying to grow up quickly; enjoy your friends, games, and your books.

Especially enjoy your books...

As you are holding this book in your hands right now, you are able to get through at least this part of the job.

Books open the doors to a whole world for us that we do not know and, in fact, we need to know. We know other people, other children, other countries, animals, nature, the universe...

The more we know and think about the lives in our books and the environment, the more we see ourselves in others, and the more we dream, the more our lives expand for us.

Well, do you know what the ‘huge life of a person’ means?

When we have a huge life, we know that there are others on this earth. We realize that our happiness, our joy, the things that concern and sometimes upset us do not just happen to us; they are natural things and we notice that the people who look different from us actually can feel just like us. We understand those who speak another language, who have another religion, who think differently, who have families who are different from ours or those who speak about things that we do not know at all. We know that this person is a human being like us.

Then and only then we can love everyone. We understand that everyone is equal, and our rights are also the rights of others; they also need what we need. It is the right of every human to be happy and free and own same things that we all own.

The only thing we have no right to do is invading as a result of forgetting that we are all equal.

If a person grows up learning and knowing all of this, then they really can change everything. All around the world, people can live in brotherhood and peace as one big family. All children have the power to create a huge world where everyone is happy.

Please children, enlarge your life with different kinds of people and ideas.
A person can fit many people into a huge life. Remember that a huge life is the best…

Sezen Aksu