We are drying out, are you aware?

All civilizations were established near water… If there was water, there was always life… But the life that water offered was not just limited to the fulfillment of the biological functions of the human body. It became a uniter, leaving sharp traces that made a community a "nation" and the source of a common culture, civilization, as well as offering an easier life. 

There are many words for water in all languages and cultures of the world, we are born from water, it has been referred to for its abundance, its clarity, holiness, strength, and, above all, for its determination. In particular, there is one that makes one's blood boil when talking about today’s truth rather than the depth of its figurative sense. A Chinese proverb says, “When the water rises, the fish eats the ant; when the water recedes, the ant eats the fish. Nobody should be fooled today, because it is the water that decides who will eat who.”
Büyükçekmece Lake also decided, it was almost forced into making this decision, and it not only withdrew, it also dried up. While the fish are leaving their place to the ants, afterwards, we may also face similar danger of lives that are considered "dirt cheap". Ignoring the fact that the decision-maker is water, we have been deceived by the days of luxury.

Are you aware of this? We are drying out! Büyükçekmece Lake is the biggest proof of this fact.
Before the number of these examples increase, we first of all need to embrace this reality and find solutions with our individual efforts. 

While we have still have the chance to ”touch water and soup”…