A proposal on Hasankeyf...

04 July 2007

My dear companions, I have been on the lookout for a new opportunity to write. But you know, sometimes there are events where everything is much more intense. The summer is especially like that for me. The reason that I am in a writing mood is that today my whole priority shifted. Our subject is Hasankeyf…

Even with today’s technological capabilities, locations where unique living conditions are located cannot be created. These places totally turn all the classic cave connotations in our minds upside-down. For centuries, Hasankeyf in Anatolia has embraced the ancient civilizations floating through its caves. Moreover, it is host to a cultural heritage not only of Anatolia, but of all humanity.

However, in the coming days, it will face the danger of being flooded by the “Ilisu Dam" project, brought to the forefront under the GAP project with the claims that it is not anti-environmentalist. In spite of the fact that in recent years there have been struggles to show how irresponsible it is to resettle the area and with efforts to protect the traces of centuries-old cultural heritage, it is a stubborn fact that Hasankeyf will have to grapple with water. 

While one side is protecting the place from evil eyes, wanting to save this pearl drop, apparently the "single-fanged monster you call civilization" will bury Hasankeyf under the water with its remaining last tooth. The last tooth of this so-called "civilization" are those who do not know that real civilization embraces and protects history... 

Even when the meaninglessness of human invention battles have more acceptable excuses, Hasankeyf was given its name because it means "the protection of the available place". Even at that time, it was victorious, and was able to avoid its tissue. It’s culture grew, trade and, with it, prosperity; it continued to grow. This challenge should not be lost under the waters in the early 21st century, with the support of "an unnamed" German financier of course; this should not be.

A medieval capital, the root of all mankind, all of us lie in Hasankeyf. If humans have any privilege over other creatures in nature; if we came into the world with this privilege, now is the time when we will exert the rights of this privilege.

The representatives of the societies that had done this have already retreated and are taking part in the "Hasankeyf massacre"; they did not remain spectators to the sensitivity of environmental associations or the public.
Let’s use our privilege, our reactions and our strength to find a way; please, let's not be included in this crime against humanity.

This is not a critique, but just a proposal that I believe will contribute to the solution with more information and documentation. Instead of accepting a statement saying, "Taking these circumstances into consideration, the dam is the only solution", the inhabitants of Hasankeyf and the campaigners who have struggled on their behalf for years have many rational suggestions.

Soon (possibly tomorrow or the next day) we will be speaking to them...