2000 - 2004
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Sezen Aksu and Her Children

The success of the musical program offered by the "Şimdi Now" festival in Berlin can be attributed above all to one woman: Sezen Aksu. She is behind just about everything that has made Turkish Pop great.

Publication Name: Qantara
Publication Date: 15-09-2004
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Six Thousand People Meet for One Single Reason: to Sing

Diva Sezen Aksu presented a magnificent performance at the third chain of her concert series "Songs of Turkey" which took place at Harbiye Open-Air Theater, İstanbul.

Publication Name: Hürriyet Daily News
Publication Date: 01-10-2002
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World Music - Sezen Aksu

For those of us merely curious to check out Turkey's most celebrated female superstar, it was an unexpectedly wild and passionate reminder that there is some great music at the far end of the Mediterranean.

Publication Name: Guardian Unlimited
Publication Date: 19-06-2002
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Pain, Passion - and the Subtle Pleasures of a Good Pipe

Singer-songwriter Sezen Aksu rubs shoulders with her fans and eschews the trappings of stardom, yet she has dominated Turkish music for nearly three decades, says Su Steward.

Publication Name: The Independent
Publication Date: 09-06-2002
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Can a Song Divide or Unite a Country?

Maybe not pop diva Sezen Aksu's concert where she sang in Kurdish has divided Turkey's politicians and media into two.

Publication Name: Hürriyet Daily News
Publication Date: 09-04-2002
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You Should Have Been There...

At 6pm the Barbican foyer was bellydancing to the swoopy strings and chattering percussion of 7th Millennium, a seven-piece Egyptian band which was a splendid warm-up to the sold-out concert by Turkish diva Sezen Aksu.

Publication Name: Songlines
Publication Date: 07-01-2002